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Is Online Keno popular in Australia?

Online keno is among the most popular casino games in Australia, mainly due to its simple rules and easy gameplay. The game shares many bingo and lottery features, so you can get it quickly. In our professional guide you will find the best casino for online keno Australia, you will learn to play, practice the game for free and much more!

How to play

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why online keno is so popular is the simple rules – keno equals lottery and bingo.

Simply put, your goal is to pick winning numbers from a box of 80 options.

Here’s how to play keno online in four quick steps:

  1. Each player chooses their numbers (from the field, usually 180), the number of games they want to play, and the bet amount.
  2. The online casino random number generator (RNG) selects numbers individually until they can select a total of 20 numbers.
  3. You get paid for every correct number you choose (in keno known as a “catch”). Are you ready to play keno online?

Online Keno Strategy

Game of chance

Keno is a game of chance. If someone sells you a guaranteed keno strategy to beat keno, run in the opposite direction. Keno is best played for fun.

  • Manage your bankroll

Realize how much you bet, how much you have in your balance, and do not bet more than you can afford to lose. Keno has a long house edge, so it’s easy to lose money.

  • Place small bets

Online keno games are fast, so you want to play at least a few in a row. Keep your commitment small so that the fun continues for a more extended period.

Keno tips for beginners

New to Keno? Here are some keno tips for beginners (as an extra if you are an experienced player). Good bonuses

As we said above, keno is high-stakes gambling. If you want to make the most of your money, look for online games that have the right bonus for you.

  • Add a set of numbers

Do not select a maximum number to get started. This can increase the price of your ticket – keep certain areas instead to avoid multiple losses in one draw.

  • Get acquainted with the payout chart

Before you start playing, look at the paytable and find out what you need to win. While jackpots can be tempting, it’s incredibly unique to hit them keno.

Types of the game

  • Single game keno

Single game keno speaks for itself – you need to claim your prize afte each game’s ending. It has a relaxed pace and makes managing your bankroll easy, but experienced gamblers usually demand something more dynamic, and online casinos offer “multi-race keno” for those keno enthusiasts.

  • MultiRace Keno

Playing a MultiRace keno, the gambler needs to play the selection of numbers in a series of consecutive games and can’t receive winnings until the race ends. The game is known to be fun and exciting but very risky. Keep an eye on your bankroll, as the bet will be multiplied by the number of races you participate at – for example, a $5 keno game will cost you $50 at the end.

How to become a better player

The trend of online casino gaming is getting increased by multiple times on a regular basis. You may have an interest in these games too, but it is also possible that you are yet to become a better player. How do you think you can enhance your performance so much that you can win Jetsetter pokies online and compete with players from all over the world? Practice might be the first name that comes to your mind, but it needs much more than that if you really want to give a tough time to your competitors. Have a look at some basic tips in the lines below that will help in polishing your online casino gaming skills.

Learn from Experience

Whenever you play and come across new players, you should always focus your mind on learning something new every time. It should not be about having fun all the time and you should be focusing on the skills of other players. Follow their insights and try to copy the successful players as much as possible. It can also be done by watching videos of other players in your leisure time. Try to analyze their gaming strategies in an effective manner so that you may be able to implement those in your gaming. You can take help from YouTube videos or any other resources. However, it will not be of any benefit if you are not brave enough to take some risks by applying their moves and skills to your game.

Try Something New Regularly

Practice makes a man perfect is a common saying and it can certainly be applied to online gaming too. If you find a game-changing strategy that wins you games all the time, then everything seems to be working fine for you. However, if you think the other players are now getting familiar with your gaming style and tactics, you need to come up with something new. Implementing new strategies and polishing the older ones seems like the best strategy as it will make you a better player in the long run. There is no thumb rule to win games all the time. You just need to work on your strengths while focusing on the weaknesses of other players at the same time.

Connect with a Mentor

There should be no shame in getting connected to an experienced online gaming player and calling him your mentor. It will directly influence your gaming performance in the best possible manner and will support you in struggling times. For example, it is commonly seen during poker games that professional players also hire professional coaches as nobody is perfect by any means. Such team play can help you in improving your skills in the long run. You can either see videos of your mentor, learn everything you want or you can get in touch with him during a face-to-face interaction. All of it depends on your feasibility, convenience and learning style.

What Makes The Difference Between Casino Gambling and Sports Betting

The main purpose of casino gambling and sports betting is to make money. The act of betting or gambling involves placing bets on the outcome of a game, race, or other unpredictable events. Since betting can be considered as a form of gambling, there is a great deal of overlap between these terms. We hope that this article helps players understand what is most profitable for them.

What Is Casino Gambling?

A gambler takes money (or something valuable) on an uncertain outcome of an event. Most gamblers want to win money or material goods. In gambling, three components should be considered: the amount wagered, the risk/chance, and the prize. In most cases, the wager’s outcome is immediately apparent, such as a single roll of the dice or a spin of the roulette wheel.

Betting on sports is a popular form of gambling. The most popular form of gambling is playing casino games. There are many casino games to choose from. While some are easier than others to play, others may be more advanced. You can play many casino games even if you are a beginner, such as roulette, slots, blackjack, and keno. On the other hand, games like poker and bingo require practice and experience. Gamblers can make vast amounts of money playing in casinos.

What Is Sports Betting?

In sports betting, money is wagered on the outcome of a game, race, or other unpredictable events. This is a form of gambling. Typically, bets are placed between two parties. These agreements are called bets or wagers. Here, the person who incorrectly predicts the outcome will lose something stipulated to the other. For example, two friends wagering on the result of a cam (for instance, who will win the game – team A or team B) is a simple example of sports betting.

Those who erroneously predict must pay the other party the agreed amount.

In sports betting, a bet is made on the outcome of a sports event. It is prevalent to bet on the outcome of football, hockey, or basketball matches.

Difference Between Betting and Gambling


The term “betting” refers to an agreement between two parties in which the one who makes an incorrect prediction about an uncertain outcome forfeits something to the other. The term “gambling” refers to the act of betting on an event that has an uncertain outcome.


Both amateurs and professionals engage in betting while professionals engage in gambling.


A bet on a sports event, such as a horse race or football match, is sports betting. Casino games such as roulette, blackjack, Mahjong, poker, and bingo are examples of casino gambling.  


You can bet and gamble on the outcome of games, races, or other unpredictable events. Since we consider betting as a form of gambling, there is a great deal of overlap between these terms. Hopefully, the article will help you understand the critical difference between casino gambling and sports betting.

Best Advices To Gambling Online During Lockdown

The gambling business as a whole encompasses considerably more activities than we often initially imagine. When we think of gambling, we usually think of casinos and gambling shops. However, the business is far more than that.

When people get to know about this, they are generally surprised to learn that bingo and amusement arcades are classified as gambling – but they very clearly are. In reality, the Commission divides gambling into six categories: arcade, betting, gambling, casinos, lottery, and gambling machines.

The coronavirus epidemic has had a significant influence on many aspects of human lives, including entertainment. Many people notice that online gambling is a pleasant experience, but it may also bring serious difficulties.

Although skilled gamblers know where to watch for dangers, beginners are prone to making mistakes. Here are a few tips to help players in avoiding the many risks of online gambling during the shutdown. Continue reading for more details.

Best Advice To Gamble Online During Lockdown

1. Define Your Boundaries

Before you begin playing, you must first choose how much money you are willing to invest in online entertainment. Unskilled gamers, on the whole, want to get rich quickly, which is why they begin placing large bets at online casinos. It’s important to keep in mind that such a plan might result in massive financial losses down the road.

Of course, it’s easy to ignore the specified restrictions when you enter a casino website and find an incredible range of games, fantastic promos, and other incredible offers. This is among the most mistakes. You can have fun in the casino, but keep an eye on your bankroll at all times. Don’t go overboard with your spending.

2. Stay Away From Untrustworthy Gambling Sites

You may make the biggest mistake possible when starting your journey into the world of virtual gambling by simply ending yourself at an untrustworthy casino. It should be mentioned that the number of online casinos has increased significantly in recent years. Sadly, not every one of them is inspired by the ideas of fair play.

Expert gamblers, on the other hand, are well-versed in how to avoid dodgy sites. For this reason, only those gambling companies that have effectively established themselves on the worldwide market should be considered if one wishes to avoid taking risks.

3. Keep In Mind That There Are Time Limits

As soon as you start playing fascinating casino games, time seems to slow down. Even if it may appear that you have only just begun playing, the truth is that several hours already have gone by, particularly when it comes to the lockdown and the inability to access other forms of entertainment or information.

Even though there is no option but to spend all of one’s days in front of a desktop computer, it is important to remember that there is personality, the development of appropriate skills, and connection with family and friends to consider. As a result, always establish a time limit before beginning a casino game to ensure that you have enough time to do other fun activities.

Bottom Line

Gamblers are significantly more prone to make a mistake when they are emotionally overwhelmed, which occurs frequently. As soon as you feel you are unable to manage your emotions and are concerned about making the incorrect decision, take a rest and engage in another activity that will distract you from gambling. Once you have regained your composure, return to the casino and begin playing again.

What is the most important about a casino license?

Casino licenses are crucial for maintaining the reliability and trust of the players on online casinos. With the boom of digitalisation, online casino platforms also increased. However, trust and credibility become an issue. Imagine if there is no license; anyone can open their online casino. As a result, a lot of frauds and scams will arise. That’s why the license is crucial for the owner and the player. Here, we will understand the license’s importance and its most crucial points. 

Importance of a casino license

Casinos involve a lot of sensitive and complicated matters like price money, payments, transactions, withdrawals, etc. All these issues hold a lot of valuation ratios. If any problems arise, a player can take legal help. However, the online casinos working without licenses have no credibility because they have no authority control. Their management is also virtually active on an online platform, making them further hard to operate or trace by authorities. 

From on player’s point of view

Dealing or associating with licensed online casinos is recommended for the players because licensed casinos undergo various checks and rules for their operations. Before sanctioning the license, authorities look after all the operations and processes of the casinos. Therefore, there are various requirements for getting an online casino license. Even after getting the license, they need to work according to the sanctioned guidelines by the government. These guidelines help in protecting the rights of players in various ways. 

On the other hand, unlicensed casinos have no such accountability. As a result, various sensitive pieces of information of players like account details, payment information, etc., become prone to fraud while dealing with unlicensed sources. That’s why licensed online casinos are preferable for the players. 

From on owner’s point of view

The owners get various supportive structural tools from the government on being licensed. Similarly, online casino owners can participate in other activities related to the same industry on their license. 

Most importantly, having a license increases the credibility of the online casino. In such a case, more customers or players get attracted to the platform, resulting in increased business. In addition, resourcing also becomes better if the online casinos boast a license. 

Crucial points of a casino license

Casino licenses include various points that are crucial for validating an online platform. Any casino operator with a valid license will present the following pieces of information;

  • License provider source outlook
  • Withdrawl timetables
  • Banking resources and alternatives
  • Withdrawal limits

Providing this information for the users also benefits them to take clear decisions. Players can understand various perspectives of managing the casino and can choose accordingly. 


Various online casinos are operating in the industry. However, not all online casinos have licenses. Players become prone to scams and frauds sometimes while dealing with unlicensed online casinos. Players are recommended to associate with licensed casinos because they provide better resource credibility. Checking the license provider name, withdrawal limit, etc., becomes more crucial for a customer.

Tips on choosing the best suitable online casino

The online gambling and casino industry is on a constant rise and people are getting inclined towards these platforms in large numbers. A number of online casinos are available from all over the world, having a tough competition against each other to attract a maximum number of visitors. How do you think a person can reach the best casino that is suitable for him by all means? It is not that difficult after all as you just need to follow a few simple tips that will give you an idea in this regard. So, read the suggestions in the lines below and try to follow them as much as possible to get the desired results.

Confirm About Licensing

As it is already mentioned in the above lines, the internet is full of online casinos for gaming and gambling. However, not every one of these casinos is a licensed enterprise. Going and having fun at an unlicensed casino can bring certain dangers for you. So, the first and the most important thing is to make sure that you are at the right casino with a fully legit license by the concerned authorities. It is because licensed casinos offer much more benefits as compared to the unlicensed options. It can provide protection of your personal data and it will take responsibility for any security breach. You will not come across fraud of any kind and all of your user complaints will be handled at the earliest. In short, make sure you always try your luck at the casinos that are licensed properly.

Consider Payment Methods

The availability of different payment methods at a casino is a hugely vital domain to consider whenever you are looking for the best online casino. It can affect your decision big time if a casino is not offering your desired payment method, even if it is perfect in all other domains. Most of the casinos offer trustable payment options like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and PayPal. Some are also accepting payments in crypto. So, it depends on you about what payment method is the most suitable one for you.

Bonuses & Rewards

No matter how many features a casino offers, the players will always be more interested in bonuses and rewards. Different casinos offer different bonuses like welcome bonuses, free spins, real money rewards and much more. You can go with the option that offers the best deal as per your liking.

Customer Support is Necessary

Last but not least, the casino you go with must be offering 24/7 customer support so that all of your queries are answered swiftly. It is a must-to-consider feature that should help in perfect decision-making for the selection of a suitable online casino. You can find yourself in multiple complexities while enjoying online gaming or casino gambling. A fully functional customer care team can take you out of such difficulties in no time and you will be all ready to enjoy the gaming again.