Is Online Keno popular in Australia?

Online keno is among the most popular casino games in Australia, mainly due to its simple rules and easy gameplay. The game shares many bingo and lottery features, so you can get it quickly. In our professional guide you will find the best casino for online keno Australia, you will learn to play, practice the game for free and much more!

How to play

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why online keno is so popular is the simple rules – keno equals lottery and bingo.

Simply put, your goal is to pick winning numbers from a box of 80 options.

Here’s how to play keno online in four quick steps:

  1. Each player chooses their numbers (from the field, usually 180), the number of games they want to play, and the bet amount.
  2. The online casino random number generator (RNG) selects numbers individually until they can select a total of 20 numbers.
  3. You get paid for every correct number you choose (in keno known as a “catch”). Are you ready to play keno online?

Online Keno Strategy

Game of chance

Keno is a game of chance. If someone sells you a guaranteed keno strategy to beat keno, run in the opposite direction. Keno is best played for fun.

  • Manage your bankroll

Realize how much you bet, how much you have in your balance, and do not bet more than you can afford to lose. Keno has a long house edge, so it’s easy to lose money.

  • Place small bets

Online keno games are fast, so you want to play at least a few in a row. Keep your commitment small so that the fun continues for a more extended period.

Keno tips for beginners

New to Keno? Here are some keno tips for beginners (as an extra if you are an experienced player). Good bonuses

As we said above, keno is high-stakes gambling. If you want to make the most of your money, look for online games that have the right bonus for you.

  • Add a set of numbers

Do not select a maximum number to get started. This can increase the price of your ticket – keep certain areas instead to avoid multiple losses in one draw.

  • Get acquainted with the payout chart

Before you start playing, look at the paytable and find out what you need to win. While jackpots can be tempting, it’s incredibly unique to hit them keno.

Types of the game

  • Single game keno

Single game keno speaks for itself – you need to claim your prize afte each game’s ending. It has a relaxed pace and makes managing your bankroll easy, but experienced gamblers usually demand something more dynamic, and online casinos offer “multi-race keno” for those keno enthusiasts.

  • MultiRace Keno

Playing a MultiRace keno, the gambler needs to play the selection of numbers in a series of consecutive games and can’t receive winnings until the race ends. The game is known to be fun and exciting but very risky. Keep an eye on your bankroll, as the bet will be multiplied by the number of races you participate at – for example, a $5 keno game will cost you $50 at the end.